For more secure and efficient demining

D-Mine™ is a wireless electronic practice system for training demining personnel. The system simulates authentic landmines and alerts the instructor when a mine has been triggered.

With D-Mine™ you can learn from your mistakes. You may fail to clear a mine without risking life or limb.

When practicing with D-Mine™, the demining personnel become more confident and they feel more secure when they are about to clear their first real mines.

The world needs deminers

There are today about 70 million mines buried in the ground in more than 70 countries around the world. Mines maim or kill tens of thousands civilians each year. Nearly 40% are children.

"The presence -- or even the fear of the presence -- of just one landmine can prevent the cultivation of an entire field, robbing a family or perhaps an entire village of its livelihood."
- Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General 1997-2006

Several mechanical methods for demining have been developed during the years but so far manual demining is the most reliable method and therefore also the most common.

The need for professionally trained demining personnel is almost infinite. That's why we have developed D-Mine™ - the practice system for training demining personnel.

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D-Mine™ is a registered trademark and manufactured by Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB