Why choose D-Mine™?

There are many things to consider when teaching something as vital as demining. Here we have tried to summarize the main reasons for choosing D-Mine™ as your practice system:

Safe to use

With D-Mine™ you can learn from your mistakes, you may fail to clear a mine without risking life or limb.

Easy to use

D-Mine™ is very easy to use: rig the control panel, place the mines and you are set for training. Neither the control panel nor the practice mines need to be connected by wire. No complicated configuration of the control panel is necessary in order to get started.


Thanks to its similarity to an ordinary anti-personnel blast mine with regard to appearances as well as functionality, the trainees can much easier imagine themselves in the situation and therefore gain more from the training. When practicing with D-Mine™, the demining personnel become more self-confident when they clear their first real mines.

Tested, approved and awarded

D-Mine™ is approved for the education of demining personnel and fulfills the requirements of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). The quality of D-Mine™ is assured from several years of testing and improvements in consultation with SWEDEC, the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre.

The two inventors behind D-Mine™, Göran Jysky and Bo Thunström, have even been awarded a scholarship for their invention. The prize was awarded by Sörmland County Council.



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D-Mine™ is a registered trademark and manufactured by Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB