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Stefan Alstermo, a Swedish deminer who nowadays lives just outside of Stockholm, learned the techniques of demining at SWEDEC in Eksjö and has during his three and a half years as a professional deminer worked in West Sahara, Kosovo and Bosnia. We let this experienced deminer take a look at D-Mine™ to get his opinion and got the following statement:

"D-Mine™is simply excellent! The instructor can easily detect if the student is cheating or not. It's perfectly safe to use and the practice mines look just like real anti-personnel blasting mines. This makes it much easier to follow the progress of each student and gives the student a more realistic experience from the exercise despite the lack of risk. Future deminers will certainly feel more secure after having practiced with D-Mine™."


ANAMA Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action is one of many very satisfied customers using the D-MINETM Training System.

The Division Leader at ANAMA Training, Survey and Quality Control Division, Mr Elnur Gasimov, describes their method of training with this new equipment;

“We use our D-MINE™ sets to prepare a realistically looking demining work line in a safe area for a deminer who supposed to come and work inside.We usually bury 3 mines 1-3 meters apart of each other in different depths and also put 1 or 2 false signal sources such as nails, metal fragments just to give a deminer an opportunity to investigate and find those items without simulated explosion.

 After each alarm we find out the reason of simulated explosion (mine detector drill,prodding, and excavation) and after we provide that person with the needed instructions. By this method of evaluation we do not spent an extra time for re-training a person and doing everything again. 

ANAMA uses this equipment not just for training and also for testing of the present field personnel, involving every one beginning from deminer up to the site supervisor. The periodical testing approach using D-MINE™ has created an atmosphere of competition among demining teams and implementing demining NGOs and transparency as well.”


Salomon Schreuder, Senior Mine Action Consultant to UNDP Iraq Mine Action and previously Senior Mine Action Advisor of UNDP Iraq, told us the following:

"This is indeed a very interesting concept and offers realistic training of deminers that will provide them with self-confidence when starting to do the real job and without putting life and limb at risk during training. This system will also provide the training institution with a means of evaluating deminers before they start with operations and also on a routine basis to sharpen-up their skills.

This system has not only potential in the humanitarian demining world, but also in the military. I see a lot of potential for the system and the wireless electronics simplifies the use of the system. I will certainly recommend the system to potential users."


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