About D-Mine™

The control panel

The control panel D-Mine™ BT-R400 has a yellow chassis made in hard plastic shaped as a suitcase with a lid to protect the inside instrument panel and a handle for easy carrying.

The lid has been fitted with a window to make the indications of the instrument panel visible even when the lid is closed. Tripod and PELI 1630 Transportcase is included.

The instrument panel has ten numbered light-emitting diodes for indicating triggered mine with corresponding reset buttons. It also has two turning knobs, one for turning on and off sound indication and one main power switch.

The product is powered by a rechargeable battery, recharger and cable for cigar lighter plug is included.

D-Mine™ BT-R400
270 x 250 x 130 (mm)
Hard plastic
4.0 kg
Power source:
Sealed lead acid battery 12v / 5,0Ah


MDR Complete Demining

Co-operation with MDR Complete Demining Corp

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IED Training Equipment 

D-Mine™ is a registered trademark and manufactured by Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB