MDR Complete Demining

Published: 2010-03-01. Last modified: 2010-03-12.

MDR Complete Demining Corp, a Swedish company specialized in mechanical demining and Arne Nordstroms Mechanical Corp have started a co-operation in order to offer the demining market a more complete program.

The co-operation between the companies opens up new ways for more effective sales and marketing possiblities on the global demining market.  Together with MDR Complete Demining and their mechanical demining machine FREELAND 3000, Arne Nordstroms Mechanical and the D-MINE Training System for manual demining, the future looks very promising on a common demining market.



MDR Complete Demining

Co-operation with MDR Complete Demining Corp

New D-MINE product

IED Training Equipment 

D-Mine™ is a registered trademark and manufactured by Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB