About D-Mine™

D-Mine™ consists of a control panel and ten practice mines that communicate individually with the control panel through a wireless radio link. Each triggered mine is indicated by a light-emitting diode on the control panel, telling exactly which mine(s) has been triggered. A sound signal can be used as an additional indication for triggered mines.

The indication for a triggered mine is easy to reset by using a reset-button on the control panel. The practice mines reset themselves automatically and do not need to be uncovered in order to proceed with the exercise.

The practice mines can be placed up to a distance of 30 meters from the control panel, which under the right conditions makes it possible to mine over 2500 square meters.

Every D-mine™ kit contains; the control panel, 10 practice mines, transport case (Peli 1630), charger and cabel for cigar lighter plug.

Swedish engineering

The original idea for D-Mine™ was conceived by two Swedish inventors and was developed and realized by the Swedish corporation Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB (Arne Nordström's Mechanical Inc.).

In spite of its seemingly simple construction, D-Mine™ is unique of its kind with its realistic design and usage. The technique has been tested and improved upon for several years in consultation with SWEDEC, the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre, and has been approved as training equipment for educating demining personnel by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

The two inventors behind D-Mine™, Göran Jysky and Bo Thunström, have even been awarded a scholarship for their invention. The prize was awarded by Sörmland County Council.

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D-Mine™ is a registered trademark and manufactured by Arne Nordströms Mekaniska AB